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February 16, 2005


Anonymous Coward

> This is the Faint Young Sun paradox and
> Lovelock used it to explain the notion
> of life-mediated temperature regulation
> in a Gaian system.

Oh great! I can hear the republicans now. "Screw Kyoto!" they'd say. It's the Gaian system. We're meant to produce CO2. What's wrong with a little global warming? What? You want another ice age?

P.S. I do believe in life affecting the atmosphere also. But mother earth didn't select liberals for no good reasons.


> is remotely detectable via atmospheric spectral analysis

I think it's just a hopeful wish. What about Saturn's Europe? We still believe there's life under the icy surface and we CANNOT detect via spectral analysis...

James Governor

the Screw Kyoto comment is even less funny that it might be. how right you are. the total symbiosis of everything is almost shocking. Have you heard of global cooling - that is the effect of visible particles in the air that serve to lower global temperatures. without global cooling, so a BBC documentary recently argued, global warming would have *really* screwed us up. Turns out that since Europe got better about reducing emissions temperatures *increased*... in other words our polluting has led to global cooling *and* global warming - thus a rough equilibrium. but if we cut emissions global warming may get really out of hand...

maybe we can just leave it to the coral...


ikari, you are correct that spectral detection of geobiologic activity is impossible on a place like Jupiter's Europa. Remember that I am talking about classes of life. On worlds without atmospheres that have salty subsurface oceans beneath icy surfaces, well that would be a place that harbors a different implementation of life, however the life would still be autochthonous. For Earth-like planets with geobiologic systems, (rocky, significant and dynamic atmospheres perturbed by surface-dwelling life forms) atmospheric spectral analysis is a good detection mechanism.

Healing the Body

The earth has the appropriate temperature, protection from the sun, and resources (water supply), that it may have attracted life. Prehistoric paintings show, not only adeptly drawn animals, but images of unknown origin that approximate today's flying vehicle reports. It is not popular to surmise a directed seeding of the planet, but there is too much to suggest that we are a Garden with gardeners. -- Cathetel, Angel of the Garden.


This is both srteet smart and intelligent.

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