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November 22, 2005


Tonatiúh (from Channel 9)

Thank you Charles... I'm really intersted in Singularity and the way is been prototyped, as far as I have understood such a matter from the documents given at MSR... Certainly it is awesome to foresight an OS which would be able to have awareness of it self... Or had I to say: him self?... Whatsoever, what makes me quiver in awe is that I believe, more than think, that the awareness of any being is a separate and functionally very different entity from that of the being it self... And I can't grasp yet, which part of the kernel is, or otherwise should become if any there, the one performing the function of a non-artificial awareness...

Anyhow, I will keep in touch with this topic on Channel 9, looking forward for the outcome of your most recent interview to the Singularity Project team.


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